I recently celebrated my 60th birthday.  Looking back, I have some things.

- I love all my relatives but I do not like some of them.

- My parents were mostly correct.

- Life is seldom fair.

- Everybody does not like you and everybody is not your friend

-Cherish your friends

- Applaud achievements  of others

The Atlanta Winter of 2012 -13

Typically in Atlanta, the weather begins to warm in February.  It is interesting that (as of this date) it has not been cold enough for winter gear.  This mornings low was about 30 degrees, but by 11:00 am the temperature was in the mid 40's.  I have not yet had to wear a heavy winter coat.

I am looking forward to Feburary's warming weather.  I am anxious to clean the deck and yard and replant/overseed the lawn.

First Post

I shoot with a Canon!  One has but one, brief oppotunity to 'capture the moment.' 

Photography is my hobby.  I most enjoy shooting sporting events, but any event will do.  Weddings are fun, especially when you find yourself an attendee with a camera and NOT thhe photographer.  Social events, protests and demonstrations, family reunions or just walks with the family dog always presents photo opportunities.

Please take a look at 'My Photos' .  Hope you enjoy them - and 'My Photos' will be updated regularly.

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